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Bernard Hopkins vs Sergey Kovalev Fight Replay

Watch out for the Bernard Hopkins vs. Sergey Kovalev full video replay this November 8, 2014. This is in need to be released as well as for the fight replay of the boxing event between this two fighters this coming November 8, 2014 at Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. This will be a post that would discuss the full replay fight video of Bernard Hopkins vs. Sergey Kovalev battled for the WBA Super World light heavyweight title, IBF World light heavyweight title and WBO World light heavyweight title under the supervision of Robert Mack and Francisco Valcarcel along with the judges - Larry Layton, Carlos Ortiz Jr and Clark Sammartino with referee David Fields.

Bernard Hopkins vs. Sergey Kovalev

Event: Bernard Hopkins vs. Sergey Kovalev

When: November 8, 2014

Fight time: 9:45 p.m. ET / PT

Where: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

WBA Super World light heavyweight title (supervisor: Robert Mack)
IBF World light heavyweight title
WBO World light heavyweight title

Supervisor: Francisco Valcarcel and Robert Mack

Referee: David Fields

Larry Layton
Carlos Ortiz Jr
Clark Sammartino

Rounds: 12

Fight Result: Sergey Kovalev defeated Bernard Hopkins (unanimous decision, 120-107, 120-107, 120-106)

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Tonight, November 8, from the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the IBF/WBA Light Heavyweight Champion, Bernard "The Alien" Hopkins (55-6-2, 32 KOs), will take on the most feared puncher at 175 pounds, current WBO title holder Sergey "The Krusher" Kovalev (25-0-1, 23 KOs) in the main event of the evening.

Bernard Hopkins has done more than enough in his 26-year career to earn induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame but at 49, he’s not finished fighting. What drives him to continue busting beaks comes from within. It’s no longer about money. It’s not about fame. Hopkins is motivated to fight on because of the challenge to do what mortals aren’t supposed to. He considers himself an alien, a being who’s out of this world, since no human is close to even duplicating his feats. Kovalev, 31, was only five years old when Hopkins turned pro in 1988 at 23.

Hopkins' best chance for victory is to either move laterally while catching his aggressive minded opponent coming in with a sharp counter, or make it an ugly, mauling fight underneath, taking away the distance Kovalev depends on to gain leverage on his punches. Kovalev has to work with the mentality that the steady drop will eventually fill the bucket and apply intelligent pressure, while working behind the jab and closing the distance. When in firing range, Sergey must work consistently in combination to the body and head. Volume is the primary key to victory for the much younger and harder punching fighter.

To be fair, Hopkins has been around for a long and long time, and the public really doesn't know much about Hopkins. Mostly the boxing world. And as I said, he's been around for decades.

Kovalev just started getting popular recently. If continues to rise, he will gain interest from the fans and they will demand more information about Kovalev. And in 24/7, Kovalev did talk about how he's from poor side of Russia and how he has a baby on the way.

There's a lot of good fighters and I can't say I know a lot about their background other than a brief history and a few facts here and there. Kovalev is no exception.

I'm not at all put off by his personality. It is very in your face and people say that he has a huge ego but what I'm seeing is showmanship. His biggest claim to fame to promote his fights and himself is his age - so he sticks that in our collective face, and rightly so because it is truly remarkable. But it's just a charade as underneath, as this article suggests, he is reflective, humble and has his head screwed on right to the effect he knows exactly what is necessary to motivate himself and stay disciplined. One quality that makes people great is single mindedness, the ability to shut everything else out. Seemingly BHop drives around Philly not because he desires to be flooded in waves of nostalgia but rather it is a tool he can leverage to stay focused and disciplined when training. Interesting man indeed!

I don't know if Hopkins is waiting for a decisive beat-down before he retires, or a big money pay-per-view fight? He's achieved more than enough. But still neither of those 2 things. I get the feeling that he's missed the boat as a per-per-view attraction, so all that can happen from this is decisive beat-down.

Kovalev (25-0-1, 23 K0s), the 31-year old Russian WBO champion, will be looking to unify the belts against Hopkins, (55-6-2, 32 KOs), a boxing legend and a future Hall of Famer who turns 50 two months from now.

This will be the full replay and fight video of Bernard Hopkins vs. Sergey Kovalev full mode movie replay soon November 9, 2014.

Full Fight of Hopkins vs Kovalev starting at 02:00 minutes:

Round by Round Fight Highlights:

You can watch the Bernard Hopkins vs. Sergey Kovalev here.
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